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Scientific Program

May 13

8:30 - 9:30  REGISTRATION

9:30  Welcome and Conference opening (chairman G. Barbiellini)
          A. Morselli, F. Fucito, R. Santonico, F. Ronga

10:00  Fermi Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope
          Alexander Moiseev on behalf of the FERMI LAT Collaboration

10:20  AGILE in Orbit
          Marco Tavani on behalf of the AGILE Collaboration

10:40  The INTEGRAL High Energy Sky And The GeV/TeV Connection
          Pietro Ubertini on behalf of the INTEGRAL Collaboration

11:00 - 11:30  Coffee break

11:30  Gamma-ray astronomy: Recent results from the H.E.S.S. telescope system
          Andreas Foerster on behalf of the H.E.S.S. Collaboration

11:50  First Results from the VERITAS Gamma-ray Telescopes
         Frank Krennrich on behalf of the VERITAS Collaboration

12:10  TeV Gamma-Ray Observations with Milagro and HAWC
          John Pretz

12:30  ARGO-YBJ experiment in Tibet
          Silvia Vernetto

12:50 - 14:30  Lunch break

14:30 - 18:30  Plenary Session: Antimatter detection in space (chairman F. Donato)

14:30  PAMELA
          Piergiorgio Picozza on behalf of the PAMELA Collaboration

14:50  AMS
          Roberto Battiston on behalf of the AMS Collaboration

15:10  Does a non-thermal wino LSP describe the dark matter data?
          Gordon Kane

15:30 - 19:00 Electron Special Session (chairman F. Longo) - Current experiments and results (both all electrons, and e+ e- separately), their agreement and disagreement

15.30  PAMELA and electrons
          Emiliano Mocchiutti on behalf of the PAMELA Collaboration

15:50  The Cosmic-ray Electron Spectrum Measured With H.E.S.S.
          Kathrin Egberts on behalf of the H.E.S.S. Collaboration

16:10  The Fermi Large Area Telescope As A High-energy Electron Detector
          Luca Baldini on behalf of the FERMI LAT Collaboration

16:30 - 17:00  Coffee break

17:00  First Results On Cosmic Ray Electron Spectrum Below 20 GeV From The Fermi Lat
          Melissa Pesce-Rollins on behalf of the FERMI LAT Collaboration

17:20  Observation Of The High-energy Cosmic-ray Electron Spectrum With Fermi          Carmelo Sgro' on behalf of the FERMI LAT Collaboration

17.40  Possible Interpretations Of The High Energy Cosmic Ray Electron Spectrum Measured With The Fermi Space Telescope
          Dario Grasso on behalf of the FERMI LAT Collaboration

18:00  SNR inhomogeneity as a natural explanation for the anomalous positron to electron ratio
          Tsvi Piran

18:20  Dark matter interpretation of recent electron and positron data
          Joakim Edsjo

18:40 - 19:40  Discussion

19:40  END

May 14

9:30 - 13:00   Parallel Session A: Antimatter detection in space (chairman V. Malvezzi)

9:30  Continuous And Multiple Electron/positron Injection: Can Pulsars Account For The Electron/positron Spectrum?/
          Norita Kawanaka

9:45  Galactic Leptons In The Heliosphere; A Modeling Perspective
          Marius Potgieter

10:00  Contribution of a Middle Aged, Nearby Pulsar in the Cosmic Ray Positron Spectrum?
          Ingo Buesching

10:15  Calorimetric Electron Telescope Mission - Search For Dark Matter And Nearby Sources
          Shoji Torii on behalf of the CALET Collaboration

10:30  Preliminary Results About Nuclei Analysis With PAMELA Experiment
          Laura Marcelli on behalf of the PAMELA Collaboration

10:45  High Precision Measurement of Protons of Galactic, Solar and Trapped Origin in Space with PAMELA Instrument
          Nico De Simone on behalf of the PAMELA Collaboration

11:00 - 11:30  Coffe break and Poster session

11:30  Measurement of The Antiproton/proton Ratio at TeV Energies with the ARGO-YBJ Detector
          Roberto Iuppa on behalf of the ARGO-YBJ Collaboration

11:45  A Combined Interpretation of Cosmic Ray Nuclei and Antiproton High Energy Measurements
          Daniele Gaggero

12:00  Galactic positrons and electrons from dark matter and astrophysical sources
          Roberto Lineros

 12:15  Dark Matter Indirect constraints from synchrotron and Inverse Compton radiation
          Alessandro Cuoco

12:30  The Performance of the AMS-02 Silicon Tracker Evaluated during the pre-integration phase of the Spectrometer
          Sadakazu Haino on behalf of the AMS-02 Collaboration

13:00  END

9:30 - 13:00   Parallel Session B: UHE, EAS, Gamma and Neutrino Detection (chairman M. De Vincenzi)

9:30  Tunka-133 Eas Cherenkov Array
          Leonid Kuzmichev on behalf of the Tunka-133 Collaboration

9:45  Atmospheric Monitoring and its impact on air shower obsevables at the Pierre Auger Observatory
          Aurelio Tonachini

10:00  Measurement of the Uhecr Energy Spectrum using the surface detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory
          Gonzalo Rodriguez on behalf of the Auger Collaboration

10:15  Active Galactic Nuclei and Gamma Ray Bursts: relativistic shocks and the origin of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
          Athina Meli

 10:30  Cosmic Ray Physics with the ARGO-YBJ Experiment
          Ivan De Mitri on behalf of the ARGO-YBJ Collaboration

11:00 - 11:30  Coffe break and Poster session

 11:30  Fundamental physics with gamma Cherenkov telescopes
          Alessandro De Angelis

11:45  Scalable Trigger and Data Acquisition System (TriDAS) for the NEMO Project
          Tommaso Chiarusi on behalf of the NEMO Collaboration

12:00  Uhecr And Tau Neutrino Astronomy
          Daniele Fargion

12:15  Dark Energy and Quantum Gravitation, from Neutrino Oscillations
          Maurice Laloum

12:30 - 14:10  Lunch break

Plenary Session:  VHE Neutrino Detection (chairman A. Capone)

  14:10  Status of Baikal Experiment
          Ralf Wischnewski

  14:30  IceCube
          Carlos de los Heros for the IceCube Collaboration

  14:50  NEMO
          Paolo Piattelli on behalf of the NEMO Collaboration

  15:10  ANTARES
          Marco Circella

  15:30  KM3NeT: Present status and potentiality for the search for exotic particles
          Vlad Popa

  15:50  The JEM-EUSO Mission: Status
          Marco Casolino on behalf of the JEM-EUSO Collaboration

  16:10  The EUSO Mission: Status
          Alessandro Petrolini on behalf of the EUSO Collaboration

16:30 - 17:00  Coffe break and Poster session

17:00 - 19:00  Plenary Session: Gamma Detection (chairman B. Canadas)

17:00  Spectral analysis of the crab pulsar and nebula with the Fermi Lat
          Francesco Loparco on behalf of the FERMI LAT Collaboration

17:15  Moon And Quiet Sun Detection With Fermi-lat Observatory
          Monica Brigida on behalf of the FERMI LAT Collaboration

17:30  Dark Matter Annihilations Search In Dwarfs Spheroidal Galaxies With Fermi
          Christian Farnier on behalf of the FERMI LAT Collaboration

17:45  Search for Dark Matter with Fermi
          Vincenzo Vitale on behalf of the FERMI LAT Collaboration

18:00  Indirect Searches for Dark Matter with H.E.S.S
          Pierre Brun on behalf of the H.E.S.S. Collaboration

18:15  The Observation of Gamma Ray Bursts and terrestrial gamma flashes with AGILE
          Ettore Del Monte on behalf of the AGILE Collaboration

18:30  Spectral Analysis of young Gamma-Ray Pulsars with Fermi
          Fabio Gargano on behalf of the FERMI LAT Collaboration

18:45  Observations of the Radio Bright Shell type Snr Ic443 with Fermi
          Francesco Giordano on behalf of the FERMI LAT Collaboration

Exhibition of the "Choir of Physics Students" directed by Prof. Paolo Camiz

20:00 - 23:00  Buffet in Villa

May 15

9:30 - 13:00  Plenary Session: UHE Cosmic Rays Detection (chairman G. Matthiae)

 9:30  Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
          Danilo Zavrtanik on behalf of the AUGER Collaboration

 9:50  Measurement of Radio Emission From Extensive air Showers with the LOPES Experiment
          Jorg Horandel on behalf of the LOPES Collaboration

  10:10  Geomagnetic Effect Observed By The Codalema Experiment
          Lilian Martin on behalf of the CODALEMA Collaboration

  10:30  Studies Of The Knee Through Measurements Obtained In The 10^16-10^18 Ev Energy Range
          Andrea Chiavassa

10:50 - 11:15  Coffe break and Poster session

11:15 - 13.00  Parallel Session A: Gamma Detection (chairman D. Bastieri)

 11:15  First AGILE catalog of high confidence gamma-ray sources
          Carlotta Pittori on behalf of the AGILE Collaboration

 11:30  Galactic Sources Science With Agile: The Case Of The Carina Region
          Sabina Sabatini on behalf of the AGILE Collaboration

 11:45  The Flaring Blazars Of The First 1.5 Years Of The Agile Mission
          Luigi Pacciani on behalf of the AGILE Collaboration

 12:00  Recent Results On Agn Observations From The MAGIC Telescope
          Antonio Stamerra on behalf of the MAGIC Collaboration

 12:15  TeV Sources Searches With AGILE
          Andrea Rappoldi on behalf of the AGILE Collaboration

 12:30  Axion searches with Fermi and IACTs
          Miguel Sanchez-Conde

  12:45  END

11:30 - 13.00  Parallel Session B: UHE, EAS and Neutrino Detection (chairman A. Chiavassa)

 11:30  Neutrino Fluxes from the Earth and the Sun and Direct Detection Experiments
          Gustav Wikstrom

 11:45  Solar neutrino results from Borexino and main future perspectives
          Marco Pallavicini on behalf of the Borexino Collaboration

 12:00  The Search For Point-like Sources with The Antares Neutrino Telescope
          Francesco Salesa on behalf of the Antares Collaboration

 12:15  Measuring cosmic ray radio signals at the Pierre Auger Observatory
          Richard Dallier on behalf of the AUGER Collaboration

 12:30  Investigation of the Properties of Galactic Cosmic Rays with The KASCADE-Grande Experiment
          Jörg Hörandel on behalf of the KASCADE-Grande Collaboration

 12:45  Search For Ultra-high Energy Photons with the Pierre Auger Observatory
          Viviana Scherini on behalf of the AUGER Collaboration

13:00 - 14:30  Lunch Break

14:30 - 18.00  Closing Plenary Session (chairman M. Pesce-Rollings)

14:30  Halos and gamma
          Lidia Pieri

14:50  LHC and Dark Matter searches : a review
          Anna Di Ciaccio

15:10  Direct Dark Matter searches : a review
          Pierluigi Belli

15:30  Electron and positron excesses
          Neal Weiner

15:50  CTA, a Project for a new generation of Cherenkov Telescopes
          Michele Doro on behalf of the CTA Collaboration

16.10  Dm In Satellite Galaxies. Will Future Iacts Play A Role?
          Mattia Fornasa

16.30  Future balloon experiments for the measurement of electron spectra at high energy
          Pier Simone Marrocchesi

16.50  Dark Matter: what data for incontrovertible evidence?
          Gianfranco Bertone

17:10 - 18:00 Closing Session and Summary

17.10  Some final remarks
          Igor Moskalenko

17.30  Closing remarks
          Aldo Morselli



Time Structure Of Cosmic Ray Showers With ARGO-JBJ
Anna Karen, Calabrese Melcarne on behalf of the ARGO-JBJ Collaboration

Observation Of The Shadowing Of Cosmic Rays By The Moon Using The Argo-ybj Detector
G. Di Sciascio, R. Iuppa, E. Rossi and G. Zizzi for the ARGO-YBJ collaboration

Study Of Silicon Photomultipliers Fast Amplifier And Thermoregulation
Cristina Sbarra

High-energy Cosmic Rays And Electromagnetic Radiation From Collapsing Stars
Kryvdyk Volodymyr

Poise and Evolution of the Galaxy : Structure, Flares and Cosmic Rays
Maurice Laloum

PAMELA Sub-detectors Capability In Identifying Nuclei: Status of Art And Perspectives
Rita Carbone on behalf of the PAMELA Collaboration

The Tof System For The Pamela Experiment: In- Flight Performance
Lucia Consiglio on behalf of the PAMELA Collaboration

Tau Rates In Auger
Daniele Fargion

Light Curve Analyses For Short Period Binary Star Mm Hercules
Abdalla Husain Almohammad

Neutrino Oscillations In The Presence Of The Nonzero Crust Magnetization
Jacek Syska

Atmospheric Aerosol Characterization Using The Central Laser Facility At The Pierre Auger Observatory
Laura Valore on behalf of the AUGER Collaboration

Calibrating The Agile Tracker With A Photon Beam
Paolo Cattaneo on behalf of the AGILE Collaboration

Solar flares monitor and searches with Fermi-LAT
Francesco Longo on behalf of the Fermi LAT Collaboration

Broad Band Spectral Energy Distribution Studies of Fermi Lat Bright Blazars
Claudia Monte on behalf of the Fermi Collaboration

BL Lacs bright in gamma rays
Alessandro Paggi, Valerio Vittorini, Marco Tavani, Alfonso Cavaliere

Neutrinos From P-gamma Emission In Pks2155-304 Intense Flaring
Athina Meli

Testing Lorentz-invariance and quantum-gravity with high energy astrophysical phenomena
Uri Jacob and Tsvi Piran

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