Scientific Secretariat:
Marta Solinas
Mauro Mancini
Phone: +39 0672594102
Fax: +39 062025259

Instructions for Proceedings

Please include your latex and figures files in a single .zip or .tar or tar.gz file and upload it in this Form

The proceedings of the conference will be published by Elsevier Science on a special issue of Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A (NIMA).
The deadline for the submission of the papers is July 25, 2009. The Editorial board of the Conference will referee each contribution.

Instructions about the compilation of manuscripts using Latex template are available from the Elsevier web page with a new Elsevier's document class.
Please use the Class options 5p
The length of the manuscript must be:

Figures will be printed on the proceedings in black and white. Please, take note of that and make the figures readable even without colours.

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