Scientific Secretariat:
Marta Solinas
Mauro Mancini
Phone: +39 0672594102
Fax: +39 062025259


RICAP09 (Roma International Conference on Astro-Particle Physics) is the second edition of a series of International Conferences entirely dedicated to high energy cosmic rays study, organized by the three public Universities and INFN Sections in Rome (University and INFN of Roma La Sapienza, University and INFN of Roma Tor Vergata and University and INFN of Roma Tre).

l-ricap07In these institutions there is an intense activity on Astro-Particle physics, visible in the participation to major experimental projects in the field (AGILE, AMS, ANTARES, ARGO, AUGER, FERMI, MAGIC, NEMO, PAMELA, ...) and in a deep and fruitful theoretical work.

The Conference will be held every two years. The first edition was held in University of Roma La Sapienza, the second edition will be hosted by University of Roma Tor Vergata and the third edition will be at Roma Tre.

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