Scientific Secretariat:
Marta Solinas
Mauro Mancini
Phone: +39 0672594102
Fax: +39 062025259

How to Reach

The Conference will be held in Villa Mondragone Conference Center.
Villa Mondragone is one of the most beautiful of the many splendid Tuscolum villas.
Villa Mondragone The mass of "Villa Mondragone" (16th century), looming up on a hill 416 m. above sea-level, lies in the area of the villas by the ancient town of Tusculum, between the commune of Frascati and the one of Monte Porzio Catone (to which it belongs). This area, called Castelli Romani (Alban Hills), is about 20 km south-east of Rome.
The entire monumental complex, with a vast surrounding park, was bought by the University of Rome, Tor Vergata in 1981. Substantial restoration was performed on it, and currently the Villa is the seat of prestigeous national and international conventions organized by the Villa Mondragone Conference Center.

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From Fiumicino airport (Leonardo Express):

From Ciampino airport:
From Termini railway station:
Note: there are other few buses going from ANAGNINA to ROCCA PRIORA via Grottaferrata but these are not suitable.

By car or taxi:
From downtown Rome:

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